Domotics for you

"A new way of living your home."

Home Automation is the easiest way to guarantee a much higher quality of life in your home, a way to differentiate your home from a simple house, all under control: fire, gas, water leaks, fumes, humidity control, monoxide, temperature, door control, IP cameras, alarm, biometric systems, blinds, irrigation, lights moods, control by iPhone & iPad, control by Andoid Tablets & Smartphones, control by any item with IP connection and navigator, and more.

A comfort of dream

Domotics gives you a unique opportunity, a comfort like never before have had, you can control all aspects of your home, both as a remote control from a touch screen. Think about how these benefits can help you in your day to day.

Make your house you up at 07:00 with a song while the lights and raise the blinds, the blinds go down alone at 23:00...

With Domitium the limitation is in your mind.

Energy saving

Program in order that your house detects  if you've left a light on and extinguishes it, beam when no one in the house for more than five minutes the lights go off or during the early morning hours to raise the blinds to use maximum sunlight.

You can also make the heater is turned on five minutes before you arrive, saving a lot of energy if you leave comparing it on all day.

Finally you can also schedule...