About Domotium.

Feel comfortable with his home.

Domotium is a luxury brand of DOMODESK, whose role is the domotics of homes and spaces.

Think of your home, imagines that pressing a button you could make all the house lights are off, the blinds down and turn on the alarm. Can you imagine? Well Domotium is the platform for your dream can be realized.

Thanks to Domotium your home will have intelligence, you can program it to perform actions at specific times, you can create environments for parties, you can control your home from a chair or from a bed, definitively Domotium is comfort at your fingertips.


The luxury home automation involves other dimensions that escape from standard automation, creativity,excitement, exclusivity and service for all life, make Domotium experience an eternal relationship with the technology, everything is alive, and is living with the client from which comes the magic of exclusive luxury.A home automation system, with soul, that grows with you. Your total cost of ownership makes us unique beings that feed the genius of technology, through the symbiosis of our desires and innermost desires, with the power to know that our system is ExCLUSIVE over time, and that this dies with ourselves.

Like the traditional wine that produce only small doses of emotion, as the care of the latest aerospace prototype requires, only a group of passionate people who mime all their technology, as the whim of being the owner of a digital soul that requires constant guardianship and knowledge of his parents.We know that not everyone can enjoy something unique, but we also know of the close relationship when the client takes us part of their world of experiences.

The artisan man power, in a world where cloning is very easy, this is Domotium, not compare us with an ambitious street car that promises emotions in a qualified shop or a "state of the art" technology with millions of owners, we are a horse car that enables enjoy of exclusivity of use, and needs a place in your properties to keep the romance of luxury, high standard life style.

We have a world of engineers, designers, visionaries, programmers, with one thing in common, they are all artisans of the technology, makers of impossible dreams.Your home, your property, your business, your lifestyle are all very personal projects that seek to be uniques in the time, leave our team and Domotium turn all it into something unforgettable technologically.

We will be a club with very few members and very selected, but we will have an eternal relationship, Have you found a better way to express the power of your emotions?