What is Domotics? What is Domotium?

System capable of automating the housing.

Is defined as the set of home automation systems capable of automating a home, providing energy management services, safety, welfare and communication, and can be integrated through networks of communication inside and outside, wired or wireless, and whose control has certain ubiquity, from inside and outside the home.

Which are the benefits?

The benefits that Domotium contributes are multiple. But could be grouped into six sections:

  • The energetic saving thanks to a "intelligent" management of the systems and consumptions.
  • Empowerment and enrichment of their own communications network.
  • The most forceful personal and patrimonial safety.
  • Telecare
  • Remote management (eg via internet, tablet, etc.). of installations and home computers.
  • As a result of all the above sections are getting a much higher level of comfort. Our quality of life is greatly increased.
How I can save energy?

Because the Domotics can schedule tasks (such as that at 23:00 all the lights turn off) get significant energy savings.

Another way would be to place motion sensors and five minutes to detect an empty room light disconnected.

How can benefit the quality of life?

There are a thousand ways to implement as the Domotics (or smart home) can benefit, an example would be to program your home for 10 minutes before coming from the work it was connecting the air conditioning, Alpha thus on entering the house have already cooled without leaving him all day.

Is it necessary to realize works?

Domotium housing is geared for new plant or major reforms, since we have to deploy IP networks in your home to exploit the true potential of an IP system.

Is the installation legal?

Yes, in Domotium always fulfill the current standards and realize the facilities fulfilling strictly the regulations relating to electronics and Home automation.

Unlike many home automation systems on the market that greatly alter installation and hardly meet the Low Voltage Regulation, Domotium is totally alien to the interference, the electrical equipment chosen by you do not have to connect to any owner specific bus and so coexistence with the electrical installation team is natural and simple.

1-Domotium can be controlled remotely by Internet. Can a stranger control my house?

In order to Domotium can't be controlled by strangers, a secure server SSL is hired, in this way the communications between we and our house is encrypted, and only we can access.

2- What happen if Domotium doesn't work?

Domotium is based on hardware and software, and Domotium is possible doesn't work (because of the fact that the system is hit by someone, for example) , as any electronic or computer system is possible doesn't work. However, with Domotium you can use your electronic installation although the hardware or software has some problem. That is, you can use you lights, your blinds, etc... until Domotium has repaired.

3- Is complicated the installation?

The installation of Domotium depends of each house. It exist two cases, constructed house or house under construction. In the house under construction is not a problem, due to the installation of Domotium is done while the conventional electrical installation is done. In the constructed house, Domotium can be installed near of the box of connections or in the double ceiling, but the final installation depends on each house and the application that you want. For sureness, ask us your case.

4- Can I add any UPnP product in the future?

One of the advantages of Domotium is that carries out with UPnP, so all the UPnP products can be added to Domotium. The interface of Domotium is constantly updated in order to integrate all the different devices that appear in the market (network cameras, audio servers, electrical appliances

5- If my electricity has been cut off, What happen with the alarms?

The module of alarms of Domotium is thought to work autonomously, it means that it doesn't depend of the electricity of the house to work normally. All the centre of installation of alarms, with the installation of alarm, they install a UPSS ( uninterrupted power supply system) in order to the possible electricity cut offs.

6- I don't have fixed IP. Is it a problem to connect my house?

Nowadays you can solve the problem of dynamic IP (dynamic DNS) with internet services. You can visit http://www.no-ip.com.

The procedure is easy. You choose a name for your connected device and a program warms for server if the IP changes. The server link each IP with the selected name, and you access always with the same name.

7- I live in a house of 100 square meters. Is appropriate Domotium in my house?

In principle, Domotium is aimed for a bigger houses ( the reference is 200 square meters or above) and normally in house of several floors, it means single-family. This is the houses in which Domotium can offer usefulness. However , Domotiun has an modular architecture and is possible to install it in any house , although the ideal house is under construction (FAQ n-3)

8- Are Domotium and WiFi compatibles?

All the WiFi devices can be connected in the same network in which Domotium is connected (you only need an access point in this network). If the WiFi device is a PDA or another device that has an Internet navigator, you will see the pages that the server of Domotium serves, and you will can control all the devices of the house in you wireless device.

9- What is Domotium? Can I get my dreamed installation?

Domotium system is one of the most capable of the market, being able to integrate into a home, almost everything, with the customer dream as list of requirements, get the most elitist installation will be only a matter of taste and budget that devoted to it. Describing a little more technically the system Domotium is an open system, which bases its communications protocol on UPnP (UPnP forum has more than 800 member companies) whose bases are TCP / IP, HTML, XML, etc. as shown , authentic facto standards that are used every day. Its communication bus is only Cat5 ethernet cable, so do not change the low voltage installations as with EIB. Thus, the system is distributed, based on electronic controlling devices for stays, so that a failure in one of the electronic not affect the operation of the rest, and that the local control of all devices is always available as normal electrical installations, although the home automation system falls. By their nature open, the system allows you to use any electrical equipment chosen (Btcino, BJC, Simon, Legrand, ...) and the detectors that you can get in the market without being subject to a certain brand.

When controlling the system, the user can manage their home from any touch screen (Wall, Tablet, Smartphone), mobile by SMS, from your TV screen (with optional media center), which also facilitates the management of all content housing digital (photos, audio, video, etc) or from any PC over the Internet. Using a wireless access point, you can access the system from a Smartphone, a tablet, a UMPC or any WiFi device that has a browser, such as the PSP (Play Station Portable), without the need to install any software on these computers.

Among the most common applications, Domotium can handle both the security burglar alarm as any technical alarms (gas, smoke, water, monoxide) or video surveillance, as well as part of comfort can control lights, blinds, sockets, irrigation, air conditioning, etc.. . The Video Door Phone could be also integrated in the home automation system, enabling call forwarding by allowing VoIP and respond to them if the user is away from home. All management of digital content throughout the home, using the media center and wireless audio distributed in as many rooms as you like. You can use last market systems like iPad or iPhone ,are those "cherries" that make a home automation system into something completely distinctive and are perfectly integrated with Domotium.

Even the most basic installation with Domotium, could reach the highest level in the table provided for comparing the different categories to catalogue your level of "Digital Home" and conduct certification tasks, you can view the Spanish normative about "Digital Homes"

Whatever will be your list of requirements, please contact us send to us your requirements list and info about your home, will advise on the integration possibilities for installation as complete as you can imagine.

10- I would like to prepare my house to install Domotium in the future. What are the technical recommendations for this?

Junction boxes, minimum of 200x130cm. Install multiway switches instead of switches for lights (the other end is our electronic switch), wiring the terminal "surplus" to the box where it will go a Domotium module. Wire the cables of motor blinds, awnings, or others motorised to the place of nearest module Domotium. Having all wall network jacks that can be free for connecting UPnP devices in the future. Provide 4-wire cable to all locations where sensors are to be installed, centralize at the point where going to go Domotium alarm module. Wiring with UTP cat5 star from each point of a Domotium to the place of your HUB/Router, and from the control point to that hub. In any case, request us a quote or advised by DOMODESK.

11- Can I regulate my room light from various points?

The lighting controller module (dimmer) of Domotium works by reading a pushbutton or n keys if they are all in parallel. When pressed and held down the intensity of the light up or down (alternately) progressively. If the pulse is short turns on or off (alternately) the light.

12- I am a programmer and want to have more control over Domotium. Is it possible to write my own application?

DOMODESK offers training panels include UPnP libraries that enable the development of applications for specific hardware home automation control, in any case these are more oriented to universities and training centers (eg installed at the Autonomous University Barcelona, University of Alicante, etc). For any kind of use or info contact us.

13- I own an IP camera, can coexist with Domotium?

Ethernet traffic generated by an IP camera can go on the same network that is installed Domotium, however for the camera will be integrated into the user application of Domotium it is necessary that the UPnP camera will be tested by DOMODESK

14- What guarantee have Domotium products?

Like any product is guaranteed for two years. It is also possible, and recommended an annual maintenance contract.

15- I am interested in multiroom, that is audio and video dsponer distributed. Is it possible to Domotium?

You can integrate a system, Domotium style, because Domotium uses standard "de facto" (TCP / IP, 802.11b, UPnP ...)