Why Domotium?

Only the best service can offer you the best benefits.

In Domotium we focus on providing a high level of home automation. With Domotium, you can automate tasks in your home, creating smart and safe areas. Adapt your home for letting you automate various tasks easily and intuitively.

Custom design

We will design the project according to your intentions and tastes. A made-to-measure work to obtain the best result for each client, based on the idea that each client is unique.

Project management

The same home, more intelligence. If it is necessary to realize some work the final result will be like on having begun, that is you will not find any damage. You will find the house justly equal.

Piece by piece

We will plan the home automation in such a way that you know that you are buying, explaining you what each piece and making so do not buy 'smoke' but 'comfort'.

Impeccable result

A very important thing for us is that after working Domotium exceed your expectations, thus being much happier than you expected.