Interact with your home like never before

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit very persistent." Albert Einstein

Create your dream with us

Nobody knows better than you about your home. Enjoy the possibilities of  luxury home automation that Domotium offers, and control your home from iPad & iPhone, Android Tablet, Android smartphone or any device with a browser and a network connection. You can launch programs, generating an environment and perform actions in a simple and ubiquitous way.

Luxury Home Automation
Luxury Home Automation

Do not give up choose the best for your project, because we know that the cost of ownership is not something that stops your intentions, Let our team accompanies your dreams.

Designed to enchant
Designed to enchant

With Domotium will be easier to control your home. You can schedule actions that accommodate any event with your family

The final result
The final result with Domotium

The result is physically the same as at the beginning, with the difference that now you have a smart home and a team that is ready to give you the best possible support